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The Hewett Academy proudly presents GCSE Art and Photography work in the form of a brochure

Published on 25/06/20

With things looking a little different this year, The Hewett Academy have found a way to proudly exhibit the beautiful collection of Year 11 Art and Photography. 

In 2018 our students began their GCSEs in Art and Photography. Usually, at this point in the school year, they would be preparing for The Hewett Academy’s exhibition - a chance to bring their families and the community together to celebrate. 

Amy Lee, Head of Creative Faculty, said: "Our talented students have been working incredibly hard on their GCSE projects. This year we couldn't hold our annual exhibition showcasing students' work, but we couldn't let this achievement pass us by without a celebration of some kind. That's where the idea of the brochure came from. We can't bring the community together at an exhibition, but we can send the exhibition to them!" 

Antony Little, Principal, said: "I've been blown away by the professionalism of the work produced by our students. I'd also like to say how proud I am to lead a team determined to go the extra mile for children. Our Creative Faculty has worked incredibly hard to make sure our students didn't miss out on this milestone in their education."