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Inspiration Trust launches ‘Our Future’ art challenge ​​​​​​​

Published on 03/04/20

The Inspiration Trust has launched an art challenge for all of its schools encouraging young people to look to the future. Children of all ages are being asked to create a piece of art that illustrates their own future, or the future of their family or community. It can be inspired by something they want to do, or be.

Students are welcome to choose any type of art. Some examples include:

  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Graphics
  • Drawing
  • Sculptures
  • Filmmaking

The ‘Our Future’ art challenge is open to all children attending an Inspiration Trust primary school, secondary school or sixth form.

How do I submit my work?

To enter, take a photograph of your work and send it to - please include your name, age, school and a couple of sentences explaining what inspired you.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 20th April 2020.

Make sure you keep your work in a safe place – not only will you be in with a chance to win a £20 voucher for taking part - a selection of work will also feature in our exhibition later this year.