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If you have any further questions, we're happy to help - please email us on on or call us on 01603 733446

Can you arrange a school placement for me to gain experience in a school?

Yes! If you do not already have one, or just want to gain more experience,  please contact

How many placements will I have?


You will have two main placements, one in the autumn term (September - December) and one for the spring and summer terms (January - July). In addition, you will have a one-week placement in the spring term in a different sort of school to the one you are training in e.g. a special school, a primary school (for secondary trainees), or a secondary school (for primary trainees).

Where will my placement schools be?

You will be placed in one of our partnership schools. We have partnership schools in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

Can I choose my placement school?

Unfortunately not, although where possible we will try to place you in a school that suits your life circumstances. We give priority to those trainees who have families to care for, and will do everything we can to place you in a convenient school.

How can I fund my training year?

Information on the range of bursaries and loans available to fund your training can be found on the Government’s Get Into Teaching website. You can use the Student Finance calculator to estimate your student loans and if you can receive any extra funding.

Will I have to travel to Norwich regularly?

You will have regular sessions at our Teaching School Hub in Norwich. These cover approaches to teaching, subject knowledge, and the assignments that make up your PGCE. On average there is one session a week in the autumn term and one session a fortnight in the spring term. 

Will I be supported in managing pupil behaviour?

Absolutely! Learning to manage the behaviour of pupils is something all trainees are concerned about, and we have a comprehensive system of support in place to ensure that you get behaviour right from the outset.

We place a very high emphasis on excellent pupil behaviour, and we see behaviour in a teacher’s lessons as the responsibility of the whole school. As a trainee, you will be trained in general behaviour management strategies, both at the curriculum centre and in your placement school, and you will get regular advice on behaviour management from your mentor.

You will also be trained in your placement school’s behaviour management system to ensure that you are able to give rewards and sanctions like every other teacher in the school. 

Will I learn about how to support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)?

We see SEND as an integral part of your training course. You will be working with children with SEND early on in your course, and you will have training days in the Curriculum Centre and in your placement schools on how you need to adapt your teaching to meet the needs of these children. In addition, you have the opportunity to spend time in a special school as part of your programme. 

Is the training year very difficult?

Teaching is a frontline profession and brings numerous challenges and immense rewards. The first few years of a teacher’s career are the most difficult, and we work hard to ensure that these challenges are mitigated as much as possible.

You will not be thrown in at the deep end and told to sink or swim! You will be supported throughout the year to ensure that you are able to be successful.